Review PORTER-CABLE FR350B 3-1/2-Inch Full Round Framing Nailer


The Porter-Cable FR350B is the new framing nailer from Porter-Cable, a company known for its high-quality power tools.

This new product is supposed to be an upgrade to the previous model with new and improved functionality. From a first look it hasn’t disappointed.

Let’s take a closer look at it.

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Features of Porter-Cable FR350B

button 3Product Dimensions: The official sizes of the framing nailers are 21.65” in length and 14.76” in height and a mere 5” in width and total weight of 7.3 pounds. Although a little bigger than other nailers in the market it is one of the lightest so it can basically be used by anyone.

button 3Magazine Capacity: The FR350B can hold a maximum of 60 nails.

button 3Drive Depth Adjustment: The drive depth can be adjusted without the need of any additional tools, making this very user friendly.

button 3Type of Nails: It works with nails for 2 ½” up to 3”.

button 3Reload Alert: The framing nailer comes with a system called low nail lockout which tells users when they need to reload the nail magazine. This is super useful especially when you’re using it away from where you keep your nails.

button 3Left or Right: The rafter hook is reversible meaning the framing nailer can be hung on either side.

button 3Adjustable Exhaust: The exhaust can be adjusted without the use of any tools thus making the process even easier, especially for new users.



button-2Lightweight: At 7.3 pounds it’s actually a delight using this framing nailer and since it’s so easy it can be used for longer periods of time without any stress. Also it is really great for overhead work due to the weight.

button-2Grip: The grip is very comfortable and feels great in the hand. This allows for prolonged use and is quite of great help as it compensates for the recoil.

button-2No Jamming: Over the course of multiple trials the Porter-Cable FR350B did no jam. I’d have to say that’s great, especially after putting in a couple of thousand nails in a row.

button-2Trigger Lock: The trigger of this power tool can be locked which personally I think is great. This lowers the risk of misfire and accidents by a lot, especially if you have kids running around the place and playing with stuff.

button-2Ease of use: This framing nailer is incredibly easy to use as you don’t need virtually any tools to adjust anything on it, from the drive depth to the exhaust. This can save a lot of time and help keeping the work going without losing momentum due to adjustment breaks.



button 121” instead of 22”: Although the manufacturer says the gun works with 22” degree collated nails it actually works with 21” nails. Have to say it was not nice having to buy new nails since the specs were not accurate.

button 1Bulky: Although not heavy, it is a rather large framing nailer volume-wise, especially the length bothers a lot. This makes the nailer not so easy to handle and less maneuverable so it’s really to use in tighter spots and certain positions.

button 1Recoil: The punch on this framing nailer is rather big, have to say I didn’t expect quite a recoil. This will make it a little harder to use for some persons however it can be handled eventually.


Overall the Porter-Cable FR350B is a great power tool which is exactly what you would expect form Porter-Cable.

The framing nailer performs amazingly and although it might be a little hard to use in some spots and angles due to the length it is a great tool.

Very reliable and the low nail warning mechanism is also very nice to have, especially if you’re moving away from the nail reserve.

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