Review Numax SFR3490 34-Degree Clipped Head Framing Nailer


The Numax SFR3490 framing nailer is a compact machine that is suitable for the daily jobs. This nailer is equipped with many new features and can accompany in the projects.

This cost effective tool provides a reliable speed and good power that can help in framing and fencing. It accompanies in the other difficult tasks as well.

Numax is a big player in the market and it is supplying this nail gun to cut down the amount of efforts. The Numax SFR3490 is one of the most effective products that have its own uniqueness on the global platform. It offers high-class product in a reasonable price.

Apart from the other models of the Nailers, this framing nailer is loaded with extensive working power. This is a handy framing nailer has trigger and finger length adjuster that is combined in a single body.

We will look on the other main things, which will throw light on the other points like features, specifications and consistency. The will consist conclusion and user ratings.

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Features of Numax SFR3490

button 3Heavy Service: The Numax SFR3490 is equipped with a black oxide magazine that is made up of aluminum. It is helpful in providing long service and adds durability. It is lightweight because it has casted aluminum cylinders. The anti-dry function expels the chances of empty shots. This function enhances it life and the dust cap keeps it safe from the dust particles.

button 3Easy Usage: The framing nailer is very easy to handle because the magazine has a limited capacity. The Single and the consecutive mechanism that is included in the triggers add more easiness and make the nailer to perform smoothly. Apart from this, the flexibility of the job provides a multi angled operation. It has a rubber handle that provides better grip on the tool. With these functions, anyone can make use of Numax SFR3490 for their daily needs.

button 3Durability: The framing nailer is equipped with 2-3-1/2 inch paper collated head and the magnesium used in the making increases the longevity and also increase the reliability of the tool. The magazine of the nailer can be easily loaded and depth adjustments are better. All these standards combine to rise the serving period of the nailer manufactured by Numax.

button 3Size and Weight: As stated the nailer is compact and handy the size is 20 x 6.5 x 14.2 inches. The weight is 10.7 pounds.

button 3Capacity of the Item: The Numax SFR3490 framing nailer requires electricity for its operation.

button 3Special Add Ons: The framing nailer has a compact design and the above-mentioned features make it the best in comparison with the others. The trigger allows quick shots and accurate work without any error.

button 3Accessories: The package has one handle and bare tool. Apart from that, there are no requirements of additional parts.

button 3Other Specifications: Although it looks heavy but the engineering done for, the nailer is superb. The light weighted materials are used even the internal parts are made up of these materials.



button-2Small and powerful machine that can be carried anywhere.

button-2Good usage of latest material that provide long lasting performance.

button-2Can work in multiple areas and is useful for day-to-day operations.



button 1Device requires precautions that are not listed in the manual.

button 1The magazines hold a few numbers of nails.

button 1The user may get hurt while handling the jobs.



The Numax SFR3490 framing nailer is a great nailer that provides high-end quality and convenience in working.

It is recommended to choose the model for reducing the hammer job. The framing nailer gets four and a half stars.

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