Review Hitachi NV90AG 3.5-Inch Pneumatic Coil Framing Nailer

hitachi nv90ag review

The new Hitachi NV90AG is a lightweight, rather small coiled framing nailer from Hitachi.

This tool has proven great at driving nails to any type of wood, including harder essence wood which makes it great for both DIYers and professional contractors.

The tool is also small enough to get into smaller places like corners and such.

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Features of Hitachi NV90AG

button 3Product Dimensions: The Hitachi NV90AG is rather small with standard sizes of 15.6 x 6 x 14.8 in. and a total weight of 7.9 pounds. Although not the smallest or lightest nailer on the market it still is pretty close to that.

button 3Type of Nails: It works with nails from 1 ¾ in. to 3 ½ in making it suitable for an all types of projects, and any type of wood.

button 3Drive Depth Adjustment: It comes with a dial making it very easy to adjust settings without any need for additional tools.

button 3Selective Actuation Switch: This allows the user to easily switch between contact and sequential nailing, meaning that you can go on with your project without having to stop and adjust from rapid fire to precision firing.

button 3Open Nose Design: What this feature means is that the jammed nails can easily be removed without having to take the entire tool apart. This in turn translates to less downtime and higher efficiency.

button 3Magazine: It comes with two magazine loading options, side loading and top loading. It also feature a tilt bottom feature ensuring even faster reloads.

button 3Warranty: The best framing nailer comes by default with a 5 year guaranty which says quite a lot about the trust the manufacture has in this product.



button-2Lightweight and Compact: Due to its overall size the Hitachi nailer was very easy to use and didn’t put quite very little stress on the hand an arm. This meant longer working periods without fatigue and need for breaks.

button-2Package: The Hitachi NV90AG package comes with safety glasses which are always nice to have around and although any professional contractor has a pair, DIYers might not.

button-2Jamming: Although the framing nailer has no jammed even after more than a thousand consecutive shots, Hitachi has added a great method of taking care of jammed nails without any hassle.

button-2Professional: Hitachi boasts with building this framing nailer based on contractor needs and that’s actually visible if you look close enough. The finish is great, it has a guard and it’s designed to minimize downtime.

button-2Versatility: First of all it works with a really big range of nails which makes it very useful in any sort of project. It also works on all types of wood, including the harder ones without destroying the surface.



button 1Ease of Use: Although this is a very good tool, high performance it is dedicated to professional contractor. New users or DIYers who have only dealt with non-professional nailers might have a tough time figuring out how it works in the beginning.

button 1Support: Support for various inquiries is not very easy to find for this tool, either online or in the manual it comes with.

button 1Hanger: The Hitachi NV90AG package does not come with a hanger by default and buying one is required. Also the tool needs quite a big hanger which might be an issue in some cases.


The Hitachi NV90AG is without doubt a very good, professional tools which can get any job done.

It is basically the only tool for driving nails any contractor would need and can be used both in fast work and precision nailing. It also ensures little to no splintering when used on harder woods which makes it perfect for delicate work on more expensive wood.

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