Review Hitachi NT65MA4 15-Gauge Angle Finish Nailer


The Hitachi NT65MA4 is a nailer that does all the work for you. It has a tool-less easy-to-clear nose for quick nail extraction in case of a nail jam and a selective actuation switch that allows for either sequential or contact nailing with the easy flip of a switch.

The rubber grip adds comfort while you work, plus its exhaust portal directs pesky air exhaust away from you.

The selective actuation switch allows for either sequential or contact nailing with a simple flip of the switch. Its 360-degree, fully adjustable exhaust portal direct air exhausts away from you, plus its compact size minimizes fatigue while increasing maneuverability.

The removable no-mar tip protects the work surface from damage while the rubber grip adds comfort. It accepts 15-gauge nails from 1-1/4 long to 2-1/2 long.

Here, we will Hitachi NT65MA4 review some of the features that come with this finish nailer and also some of its specifications before we move on to the pros and cons of this finish nailer and finally the conclusion with the rating for this finish nailer.

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Features of Hitachi NT65MA4

button 3Durable: This finish nailer is lightweight with aluminum housing that prevents rusting. This nailer is highly durable and comes with a 5 years warranty to assure you of its durability.

button 3Adjustable Exhaust: It has a 360 degrees fully adjustable exhaust that can be directed away from the user. This is done to ensure that air exhaust, debris and oil are avoided.

button 3Portability: The finish nailer is portable because it is not large in size and it is not dependent on a permanent power source or anything that limits its portability. It weighs 4.2 pounds only and thus it is easier to carry around.

button 3Ease of Use: This finish nailer is easy to use and it also comes with an owner’s manual for recommended use and maintenances. The handles also make it easier to use as the owner does not strain when using the nailer easing fatigue.

button 3Lightweight: This finish nailer is extremely light and this reduces fatigue when working. It weighs in at 4.2 pounds making it even easier to maneuver around with.

button 3Size: This finish nailer measures 13.6 x 3.2 x 12 inches.

button 3Rating and Capacity: This Hitachi NT65MA4 has a capacity of driving in more than 1000 nails before any maintenance is checked. It is air powered thus making it simple to move with. It is meant to be a portable nailer.

button 3Special Features: It has selective actuation which allows for either sequential or contact fastening with no additional tools required. It also has an air duster. This allows air from the compressor to bypass the nailing function and expel from a hole in the front of the tool. The user can clear away debris and dust from the work surface in preparation for nailing or gluing or just do clean up; saving time and energy.



button-2It is light and thus portable and easier to use.


button-2Comes with standard five-year Hitachi warranty.


button-2It includes rugged plastic carrying case, safety glasses, air fitting, and no-mar tip.


button-2Compact size minimizes user fatigue, while increasing maneuverability.


button-2Rubber grip adds comfort and a secure hold.



button 1Not suitable for small scale jobs.


button 1Requires regular maintenance and checking to avoid future problems.


button 1It is costly as compared to other nailers with same capabilities.



The Hitachi NT65MA4 is a good tool for use by homeowners and carpenters alike. It can be used by a wide variety of people who have the experience or the knowledge on how to do that.

The finish nailer is air powered thus it does not need to be used as a stationery device.

The finish nailer has its own unique quality features and it would get a perfect score if not for its little user problems like jamming nails if you put the ones that are not recommended by the manufacturer.

However this Hitachi NT65MA4 has a rating of four and a half stars among the customers who have reviewed it.

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