Review Hitachi NR90AD(S) 3-1/2-Inch Clipped Head Framing Strip Nailer

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The Hitachi NR90AD(S) is smaller in comparison of any other nailer. It works faster and has more stylish appeal. It can help you in the best possible way in your household framing jobs.

It has a very helpful flip fire switch which gives you the option to choose your fire modes that depends on how do you want it to work, sequential or bump fire mode.

This Hitachi nailer is tool free and very easy to adjust which helps in more productivity. This tool from Hitachi offers variety of applications, including woodwork and metal work. Also, on concrete, drilling and fastening this tool is very helpful.

It comes with 5 years warranty, and its pistons and o-rings associated with this tools cover 90 days of warranty. It is 21 degree plastic collated round head.

Now, we will discuss in details for Hitachi NR90AD(S) about its special and unique features and other claimed specifications. We will also review its pros and cons that come with this framing nailer.

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Features of Hitachi NR90AD(S)

button 3Weight: It’s only 7 pounds in weight and this quality make it very easy to work with. You can easily rely on nailer for a long day of nailing because of its less weight. Handling it in awkward angles is not tough at all with its light weight.

button 3Tool-Less: It doesn’t have any tools to fix or arrange it, which automatically saves a-lot of time and we can invest that time in our productivity of work. It also becomes less harass tool to work with as you don’t have to fix anything in it before using it.

button 3One Step Nail Loading: This Hitachi NR90AD(S) feature makes it easier to work with because this saves energy and time. It has only one step for nail loading, and then we are all ready to use this as a nailer. Only because of one step nail loading process it has fewer chances to harm you. Otherwise you may get hurt with more action of nail loading process.

button 3Vibration Pads: The framing nailer has good vibration isolation pads, which extends its tool life. And also, if your tools don’t vibrate much then it is definitely easiest to work with. You can easily command a good hold on this tool so that your aim doesn’t get affected, and its comfortable vibration pads make it possible.

button 3Long Time Warranty: Hitachi always offers their product with long time warranty, and they are again offering it here also. It comes with 5 years long warranty. And, that is good enough for any kind of tool. This warranty period ensure us about this high quality of tool.

button 3Durability: The framing nailer has 2-piece anodized aluminium design for maximum durability. And, it is an improved version by Hitachi. It is highly durable with no such maintenance.



button-2Easy Switching Tiger (From auto to semi-auto).

button-2Fits into small areas and feel comfortable to use.

button-2Very easy to use for depth adjustments.

button-2Light in weight.

button-2Easy to use.



button 1Underpowered.

button 1Exhaust is nonadjustable.

button 126 degree nails are little hard to find and it is usually more expensive.



You can use Hitachi NR90AD(S) all day long without getting any issue regarding its weight. You can use it for clipped nails, round head nails and offset nails it works great.

The framing nailer is very easy to control the depth for any project you are working on. It provides very nice and fine touch.

Ultimately it will look like it’s been done by any professional.

Hitachi has invented best framing gun ever, buy framing nailer. Just missing the half star for a perfect rating, it gets four and a half stars.

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