Review Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit

freeman p4frfncb review

The Freeman P4FRFNCB kit is basically anything any contractor would need to get any job done from begging till the end.

It has 4 different tools which can take care of any job around the house, inside or out.




The Freeman kit contains the following tools:

• 1 Full Head Framing Nailer.

• 1 Angle Finish Nailer.

• 1 Brad Nailer with Quick Release.

• 1 Narrow Crown Stapler with Quick Release.

• Additional maintenance tools, oil, and wrenches.

• Canvas bag for easy transport.

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Features of Freeman P4FRFNCB

button 3Weight and Size: The entire Freeman P4FRFNCB pack, meaning the bag measures 23 x 9.4 x 14.8 in, aAnd weighs 25.4 lb. It totals, tools included. This makes for very easy carrying even if traveling by foot between different sites or such.

button 3Warranty: The P4FRFNCB comes with an overall warranty of 7 years which translates to high quality.

button 3Magazine: The magazine of the framing nailer can hold up to 55 nails while the magazine of three other tools can hold up to 100 nails. This, in turn, means fewer stops to reload and higher efficiency, especially when going through faster work.

button 3Build: The magazines and cylinders of the tools are made from anodized aluminum which ensures high durability and lighter weight than other materials. The tools are fitted with Teflon made O-rings which in time means less wear.

button 3Jamming: The stapler, brad nailer and finish nailer are fitted with quick release mechanisms which minimize downtime in case of any nails getting jammed.



button-2Full kit: The first great thing about the Freeman P4FRFNCB is that it is actually a complete kit which can definitely help DIYers to take care of any project from start to finish. Also, the price is just a bit higher than for a single other manufacturer tool and makes the kit even more worth it.

button-234 degree finish nailer: The finish nailer has a standard angle of 34 degrees. That means that you can get it all those tight spots and it works like a charm. Since this is a high precision nailer this kind of angle makes work really easy.

button-2Power Framer: The framer is very powerful and can drive all sorts of nails and stakes in all kinds of wood with minimum damage to the surface. This tool use compresses air at about 120 psi while the others use only about 70 psi.

button-2Versatility: Since it’s a complete kit the Freeman nailer offers great versatility from a project point of view. However the tools individually can be adjusted very easy and work on different types of wood and with different types of nails.



button 1Finish nailer rubber tip: One of the not so great things is that the finish nailer comes with a black rubber tip. This would be a great idea as not to hurt the wood, however, it can leave marks which is undesirable. The tip can be covered easily.

button 1Depth dialer: Although a depth dial exists for easy control of the depth it is not very sensitive so getting a precision setting might be a little hard.

button 1Misfire: There have been known cases of misfire although I didn’t get one. However, in this case, the nails need to be re-arranged a little, and it’s back to work.


Overall the Freeman P4FRFNCB is a great addition to any arsenal, especially for DIY people who want an easy to use and complete solution for any type of work around the house.

The kit is not aimed at professional contractor although it can be used by them as well. The Freeman P4FRFNCB comes with a standard 7 years warranty which says a lot about the quality the manufacturer provides.

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