Review MAX SN883RH2 SuperFramer 20-Degree Strip Framing Nailer


The MAX SN883RH2 is a unique nailing machine that is quite popular.

It is renowned for its compact and elegant design whose emphasis is comfort and high performance.

The following is a review of the product. In the review, the pros and cons as well as a conclusion about the framing nailer will be brought to light.

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Features of the MAX SN883RH2

button 3Highly Durable: This MAX SN883RH2 is one of the most durable products that are available on the market today. It competes favorably with some of the best pneumatic products that are present in the industry.

button 3Exceptional: It differs greatly from many nailing machines out there because it comes with a collector of dirt. The cap filter is responsible for collecting dirt that accumulates during any nailing task. Users do not have to worry about maintaining the cap filter because it is maintenance free. It is a very reliable dirt collection feature that can collect dirt whose particle size is in micrometers.

button 3Compact Design: The compactness of the design is often marvelous to observe. This also accounts for the convenience that is associated with using the framing nailer. You can easily select the trigger system depending on the intensity of the nailing task at your disposal.

button 3Easy to Use: Despite having a compact design and many high profile features, the pneumatic nailer is very easy to use. But, you may need a user guide to be in a position to make use of advanced features.

button 3Convenient and Efficient: You cannot talk about a list of convenient and efficient pneumatic machines that are currently on the market without making reference to this framing nailer. It is able to load up to 64 nails and drive them through the user’s working specimens. Users can also conveniently adjust the depth of the nails without even altering the operating pressure. Switching from single to double trigger is possible without the adjustment of the pull trigger.

button 3Multipurpose: The MAX nailer can be used to perform a number of nailing tasks such as siding, sheathing, framing and crating. It works with a high pressure ranging between 70 and 100 psi. The plastic collated nails that it works with must have a size ranging between 2 x 0.113 inches and ¼ x 0.148 inches.

button 3Nail Size and Light Weight: It works with a variety of nails whose size ranges between 2 x 0.113 inch and 0.25 x 0.148. It comes with an overall weight of 7 pounds. Even with this weight, the framing nailer is still able to drive the supported nails into any kind of material.

button 3Operating Pressure: The framing nailer has an operating pressure of 90 psi.

button 3Load Capacity: You can load up to 64 nails into the machine’s loading compartment.

button 3Special Features: The Max superframer SN883RH2 comes with a good number of special features such as the ability to load up to 64 nails and to switch from single to double firing without even altering the trigger. It also comes with a free end cap that does not even have to be maintained for it to be in good shape. This feature collects dirt that collects builds up during nailing tasks.



button-2High speed performance nailer.

button-2Loads up to 64 nails.

button-2Switches from single to double trigger quickly and easily.



button 1Maximum operating pressure is 100 psi.

button 1Nail sizes outside specific range cannot be used.



The MAX SN883RH2 is a highly efficient nailing machine that has continued to be popular. Most users are carried away by the machine’s ability to load more than 60 nails and to switch from single to double firing without altering the trigger.

A good number of users are also carried away by the machine’s ability to collect dirt using its free end collecting cap.

The speed, efficiency and presence of many safety features also account for the machine’s popularity. Undoubtedly, a 5 star rating befits this framing nailer.

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