Review Hitachi NR83A3(S) 3-1/4inch Plastic Collated Framing Nailer

NR83A3(S) 3-1/4inch review

The Hitachi NR83A3 nailing is a high profile pneumatic machine that is capable of doing any nailing task efficiently and effectively.

It is associated with power, high speed and convenience. Without modifying the trigger, the framing nailer can switch from sequential nailing to the bump fire nailing mode.

The following is a review of the Hitachi NR83A3. In the post, the pros and cons of the product will be highlighted. Many features and a conclusion about the framing nailer will be brought to light.

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Features of the Hitachi NR83A3

button 3Ease of Use: Despite being made with a number of complex features, this pneumatic machine is very easy to use. It is an air powered framing nailer that is capable of driving compatible plastic collated nails through any appropriate specimen. You may need to refer to the guide for certain advanced features.

button 3Comfortable and Safe to Use: The Hitachi NR83A3 comes with a good number of features that make it very comfortable and safe to use. The handles are designed with a rubber grip for easy handling and total control of the machine. There is a hardware claw tip that is responsible for resisting wear when gripping wood. For enhanced safety, users also get a chance to wear the safety glasses that come with the framing nailer.

button 3Convenient and Efficient: It comes with an open nose design that enables the user to easily extract a nail in cases where it has jammed during a specific task. Users can easily and quickly switch from the sequential nailing mode to the bump fire mode. The push lever has been hardened to enable the machine to provide an aggressive drive. A rear loading feature has been included to enable users to easily replenish their machine when the need arises.

button 3Exceptional in Performance: The two piece nail pneumatic machine is highly exceptional in performance. It is a light weight nailer that is also very balanced. With a weight of only 8.6 pounds, the machine is able to maneuver easily. The machine also comes with a depth adjustment feature which enables the user to manually alter the depth of the nail during nailing tasks. It comes with an exceptionally high speed for driving nails into different objects.

button 3Highly Durable: It resists all forms of wear. This is facilitated by many features such as the hardened push lever and the claw tip. In general, all parts that are subjected to excessive pressure and shock have been equipped with wear resistance features. This explains why the framing nailer is very durable.

button 3Lightweight: Despite having the much-needed power to drive nails through different tough materials, the nailer gun is surprisingly light weight. It only weighs up to 8.6.

button 3Size and Nail Size: It comes with 5 x 23 x 15.5 inches. It works with nails with a size ranging between 2 and 3.25 inches. It can drive such nails into any kind of material.

button 3Special Features: The Hitachi NR83A3 has many special features such as being able to switch from the sequential nailing mode to the bump fire mode without adjusting the trigger. A variety of protective features such as rubber handles are also available.



button-2High performance, despite being lightweight.


button-2Depth alteration possible without adjusting the operating pressure.


button-2It is air-powered.



button 1Does not load nails outside the specified range.


button 1It does not load so many nails.



It is fair to say that the Hitachi NR83A3nailing machine is one of the best pneumatic machines that are available on the market today.

Due to its ability to drive nails into any kind of material, the framing nailer has been able to earn a lot of respect.

The machine’s ability to switch easily from the sequential to the bump fire mode accounts for its uniqueness.

No doubt, a 4.5-star rating suits it.

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