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Buying Guide: Top 3 Best Finish Nailer!

nailer buying guide

When searching for best finish nailer to use, you become overwhelmed by the numerous reviews available.


It will take a lot of time reading all and may be considering to buy and test some of them before you get that perfect choice of electric finish nailer for your project.

However, the long list of these tools can be shortened and made simpler into 3 tools.

Some of the factors to consider when choosing the best possible tool would be:


button 3Speed ability to load and easy handle.

button 3Design The better the design of your finish nail gun, the more efficient it is when it comes to nail-driving punch.

button 3Troubleshooting ability  It can clear issues by the occasionally jammed nails.

button 3Price It should go in hand with the features and productivity of the tool in consideration.

Other factors to consider include the depth adjustments, loading system for the nailer kit, adjustment for the belt hook, angle adjustment, power options electric or battery powered, and finally the swivel cord attachment factor.

Below is a quick guide of the Three best finish nailer that you may consider in your construction routine.

Top 3 nail gun review

Top 3 Best Finish Nailer In the Market!


Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit with Canvas Bag


freeman p4frfncb review

The Freeman framing combo kit is considered as every contractor’s dream tool. As the best finish nailer, it covers all your framing and nailer finish needs.

For the framing nailer, the subfloors, roof decking, fencing, basement re-structuring, pallet building and much more.

Above that, it has optional angle finish nailer and a brand nailer for a fine finish on cabinetry, decorative trim, picture frames, hobbies, crafts, cabinet backing.

The overall Freeman P4FRFNCB 4-Piece Kit is manufactured under strict guidelines to comply with the professional grade for consumer products.

The Freeman kit comes loaded with the following tools:

button 31 full head framing nailer.

button 31 brad nailer with the quick release.

button 31 angle Finish Nailer.

button 3Extra maintenance tools such as wrenches and oil.

button 3Canvas bag for easier mobility.


Features and benefits of the Freeman P4FRFNCB

buttonLow Weight: The entire Freeman pack is made with easy mobility in consideration. The bag measures 23 X 94 14.8 inch, and weighs 254 lb when loaded with all the tools. That means it is easy to carry along not only by car but also on foot from one site to another.

buttonSpacious and Fully Loaded Magazine: This electric finish nailer has a spacious magazine that can hold up to 55 nails. Additionally, the other three tools included in the pack can hold up to 100 nails. That means the user will not spend more time reloading and the result is higher efficiency, especially when working on urgent work or projects.

buttonWarranty Included: For customer satisfaction and durability assurance, every P4FRFNFCB comes with a includes warranty which translates to higher output from high-quality work.

buttonJamming Functionality for Effective Performance: The finish nailer, brad nailer, and the stapler are fitted with a quick-release mechanism to minimize downtime in case the nails are jammed.

buttonProfessionally Built: The tools have cylinders and magazines made from anodizing aluminum, to ensure quality durability and lighter weight compared to other materials. Generally, the tools are fitted with 0-rings to minimize the wearing out of the tools during use.

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Hitachi NT65MA4 1-1/4 Inch to 2-1/2 Inch 15-Gauge Angled Finish Nailer with Air Duster



The HITACHI NT65MA4 is unique finish nailer as it features an air duster that makes your cleaning of the work-space easy and quicker.

After continuous work for several hours, cleaning is the last thing anyone feels like doing. But with this finish nail gun, it will take care of it all.

Another thing about it that you will find handy with this tool is the adjustable exhaust. And lastly but no the least is the ability to select the actuation.

This feature allows you to change between contact and sequential firing by simply using the switch on the gun-side its easy as you flip it.

Hitachi is also one the most reliable and trusted manufactures you can rely on the due quality of their products.



button 3Relatively low weight of about 4.2lbs.

button 3Measures 16 X 3.25 X12.

button 3Compatible for use with nail size/type 15 gauge ranging in length.

button 3The angle of operation is 43 degrees.

button 3The magazine capacity is 100.

button 3The manufacturer company offers a 5-years warranty on this electric finish nailer.



button 3The tool package comes with a pair of safety glasses, a case, and a no-mar tip.

button 3Light weight due to the aluminum body and parts.

button 3It features a tool-free depth adjustment dial knob for easier operation when in use.

button 3With the flip of a switch, you can switch between sequential and contact firing.

button 3Has a unique 36- degrees exhaust and air duster system.

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DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless 16 Gauge 20 Degree Angled Finish Nailer Kit

DEWALT DC618K XRP 18-Volt Cordless nailer review


This Dewalt finish nailer is a great nailer tool that is cordless and powered by 18V. For professionals and armatures willing to try this higher priced quality tool, get it to experience the powerful maneuverability and functionality.

Everyone who has tested this tool will agree that it has the best speed, especially in dump firing.

The battery charging makes the whole process for a project faster as you will charge the tool during breaks.



button 3Angle: 20 degrees.

button 3The magazine capacity is 110.

button 390-day money-back guarantee, 2-year warranty on battery, 3-year limited warranty, and 2-year free service warranty.


Key Features:

button 3The complete package includes accessories such as one-hour charger, battery and a case.

button 3The trigger system is selectable for both the bump and sequential firing.

button 3It is impact resistant through its top cap feature.

button 3For enhanced functionality and easy user operation, it has integrated LED indicators.

button 3Hard and durable protective design cover of the tool protects the gun from debris and dust.

button 3Easy and quick depth adjustment feature.

button 3Includes a no-mar tip.

button 3Contact lock-off. Tool-free jam clearing system.

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Another tool that you may consider in this category of top best finish nailer include the Paslode 902400 finish nailer. This is because it shares a lot in similarity with the mentioned above plus 1 year full warranty.


When choosing or deciding on the best finish nailer, electric finish nailer, finish nail gun or any of your wood work tools, it is necessary to look into several factors before making your purchase.

Therefore, the above analysis will guide you through step by step of what each of these nail finishers will do for you depending on your needs.