Review BOSTITCH F33PT 33-Degree Paper Tape Framing Nailer


Bostitch F33PT review

The Bostitch F33PT framing nailer is a 33-degree paper tape framer that can be easily converted into a metal connector nailer in seconds. This capability is rooted in its interchangeable tip.

Bostitch is a global manufacturer of nailers, compressors and accessories used in construction, industrial and office application.

The f33pt nail gun is amongst the most potent framers of its kind.

This Bostitch framing nailer review hopes to look into the features and specifications of the Bostitch F33PT whilst analyzing its good and bad aspects before concluding with a short statement of our thoughts on the framing nailer.

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Features of the Bostitch F33PT

button 3Seven-Year Warranty: The F33PT comes with an amazing warranty lasting for seven years.

button 3Two in One Nailer: The Bostitch F33PT comes with two nosepieces that are interchangeable making it possible to switch from paper tape framing to a metal connection.

button 3Push Button Adjustable Depth Guide: This patented button is designed to select the desired depths for nails makes it easy for the user to select the preferred depth drive for precision and ease of use.

button 3Durability: The Bostitch nails is made from lightweight magnesium that makes the appliance highly durable. This is further bolstered by guaranteed protection should the nailer breakdown prior to the expiry of the warranty 7 years after the initial purchase.

button 3Extraordinary Driving Power: Irrespective of how tough the lumber application is, be confident that with the framing nailer’s driving speed of 1050 in/ibs, nothing could be beyond your framing nailer.

button 3Measuring Tool: It comes with an indicator measuring 16 inches used to determine the exact distance between studs within seconds. This does away with the need for a measuring tape.

button 3Size & Weight: This framing nailer measures approximately 23 x 16 x 6 inches. This nailer weighs about 8.8 pounds.

button 3Rating and Capacities: The framing nailer is a stationary nailer and is air powered.

button 3Accessories: This framing nails came with interchangeable nosepieces to alternate nailer from paper nailer to metal nailer.



button-2Very versatile tool, for various applications. This framing nailer is capable of being used in various ways and adaptable to the needs of the end user.

button-2Excellent Driving power. With exceptional driving speeds of up to 1050 in/ibs, you can be guaranteed that the toughest of all your activities are within the limits of your nailer.

button-2Capable of interchanging from paper tape framing nailer to metal connector nailer in seconds.



button 1Frequent jams. The framing nailer is known to have frequent jams affecting its productivity and effectiveness.

button 133-degree nails are generally a bit harder to find. This is because nailers are typically within 20-22 degrees.

button 1Quite heavy for mates of its category. Compared to its competition this framing nailer is quite heavy, making it difficult to be moved to and from the job site.



The BOSTITCH F33PT framing nailer is one whose versatility and durability cannot be over emphasized. It is built to serve its multipurpose applications inclusive of installing of metal connector, framing, fixing of timber to masonry.

This framing nailer also possesses longevity. The framing nailer comes with guaranteed protection for 7 years.

However, the rarity of its 33-degree nails and its slightly heavyweight and its likelihood of jamming frequently raises slight issues.

Hence, I would gladly give the nailer a 4 out of a total score of 5. Aside from minor negatives, the Bostitch F33PT is definitely a good buy.

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