Review: Senco PC1010 Best Air Compressor for Professionals 2018

senco pc1010 review

Best Air Compressor Of 2018

The Senco PC1010 is a lightweight and portable best air compressor which is specifically designed to suit finish and trim jobs and it can also be used across a wide variety of hobbies and crafts.

The machine features a powerful motor and provides a good amount of pressure.

The compressor is extremely versatile and can suit small-scale professional work as well as DIY work.

The air compressor is also quiet in operation and requires only a small amount of time to pump up or recover.

In this article, we will take a look at the machine in some detail, considering the features and the specifications of the compressor. The pros and cons of the pancake air compressor will also be considered arriving at a conclusion regarding the product, along with a rating.

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Features of Senco Air Compressor PC1010

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Small but Powerful

The Senco PC1010 features a powerful motor, which is rated at 0.5 HP while running and 1 HP at peak. The motor is oil free and requires no maintenance. The compressor can output a maximum of 120 PSI.


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Easy Operation

The Senco Air Compressor PC1010 is extremely easy to operate and features a coupler, which can help in quick disconnection. There are a number of gauges provided which indicate the tank pressure and the regulated pressure of the machine.

The pancake air compressor also features a handy thermal overload and a reset switch and makes use of a number of valves that protect the device and allow for easy drainage of air. There is also a ventilation opening, which is protected by a shroud.


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High Efficiency

Compressor has a very low pump up time of a little over 2 minutes and has a recovery time of only 35 seconds, allowing for maximum usage and minimum downtime.



Specifications of Senco Air Compressor PC1010

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Portability and Weight

The pancake compressor is extremely portable and only weighs 20 pounds. This makes it easy to carry around as well as store the machine.


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The senco pc1010 measures 14 by 13 by 10 inches.


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The air compressor is meant to be used as a stationary and corded electronic device, operated at 115V. The motor is rated at 1 HP, operating at peak load.


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Special Features

The Senco PC1010 is capable of delivering in between 20 to 44 drives within a minute. The compressor also features a rubber base which prevents any scratching when using the pancake compressor.



Pros and Cons


button-2Extremely easy to operate.

button-2Compact and portable.

button-2Very quiet in operation.

button-2Very efficient for small scale jobs.

button-2Very quick recovery and very low pump up time.

button-2Great customer support service.



button 1Only suitable for small scale jobs.

button 1Durability of the unit may prove to be an issue after a year or two of usage.

button 1There may be a problem with rust as the body of the unit is not made out of aluminum.

button 1There may be leakage if the unit is improperly assembled.


Senco is a well-established and reputed brand which has been around for over 70 years providing products. As an air compressor, the Senco Air Compressor PC1010 is quite a popular air compressor all over the world.

While most users are pleased with their purchase, this compressor can only handle small to moderately sized jobs.

The Senco Air Compressor is quite efficient in operation and there is very little downtime associated. However, the durability of the machine is questionable, if the air compressor is subject to heavy usage.

After taking all of these points into consideration, the Senco PC1010 can be said to be a good quality air compressor for small jobs such as renovations and maintenance work in the house.

However, the air compressor does suffer from a few drawbacks and as such, we give it a 3 and a half star rating as an air compressor.

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