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Review Hitachi NR90AD(S) 3-1/2-Inch Clipped Head Framing Strip Nailer

hitachi-nr90ads-1 review

The Hitachi NR90AD(S) is smaller in comparison of any other nailer. It works faster and has more stylish appeal. It can help you in the best possible way in your household framing jobs.

It has a very helpful flip fire switch which gives you the option to choose your fire modes that depends on how do you want it to work, sequential or bump fire mode.

This Hitachi nailer is tool free and very easy to adjust which helps in more productivity. This tool from Hitachi offers variety of applications, including woodwork and metal work. Also, on concrete, drilling and fastening this tool is very helpful.

It comes with 5 years warranty, and its pistons and o-rings associated with this tools cover 90 days of warranty. It is 21 degree plastic collated round head.

Now, we will discuss in details for Hitachi NR90AD(S) about its special and unique features and other claimed specifications. We will also review its pros and cons that come with this framing nailer.

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Features of Hitachi NR90AD(S)

button 3Weight: It’s only 7 pounds in weight and this quality make it very easy to work with. You can easily rely on nailer for a long day of nailing because of its less weight. Handling it in awkward angles is not tough at all with its light weight.

button 3Tool-Less: It doesn’t have any tools to fix or arrange it, which automatically saves a-lot of time and we can invest that time in our productivity of work. It also becomes less harass tool to work with as you don’t have to fix anything in it before using it.

button 3One Step Nail Loading: This Hitachi NR90AD(S) feature makes it easier to work with because this saves energy and time. It has only one step for nail loading, and then we are all ready to use this as a nailer. Only because of one step nail loading process it has fewer chances to harm you. Otherwise you may get hurt with more action of nail loading process.

button 3Vibration Pads: The framing nailer has good vibration isolation pads, which extends its tool life. And also, if your tools don’t vibrate much then it is definitely easiest to work with. You can easily command a good hold on this tool so that your aim doesn’t get affected, and its comfortable vibration pads make it possible.

button 3Long Time Warranty: Hitachi always offers their product with long time warranty, and they are again offering it here also. It comes with 5 years long warranty. And, that is good enough for any kind of tool. This warranty period ensure us about this high quality of tool.

button 3Durability: The framing nailer has 2-piece anodized aluminium design for maximum durability. And, it is an improved version by Hitachi. It is highly durable with no such maintenance.



button-2Easy Switching Tiger (From auto to semi-auto).

button-2Fits into small areas and feel comfortable to use.

button-2Very easy to use for depth adjustments.

button-2Light in weight.

button-2Easy to use.



button 1Underpowered.

button 1Exhaust is nonadjustable.

button 126 degree nails are little hard to find and it is usually more expensive.



You can use Hitachi NR90AD(S) all day long without getting any issue regarding its weight. You can use it for clipped nails, round head nails and offset nails it works great.

The framing nailer is very easy to control the depth for any project you are working on. It provides very nice and fine touch.

Ultimately it will look like it’s been done by any professional.

Hitachi has invented best framing gun ever, buy framing nailer. Just missing the half star for a perfect rating, it gets four and a half stars.

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Review Freeman PFR2190 21-Degree Full-Head Framing Nailer


A framing nailer is the single tool that makes nailing much more easier.

The Freeman PFR2190 is one such light, high-quality nail gun that can be used for almost all the jobs like framing, fencing, siding, roof and wall sheathing and wood box construction.

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Here is the Freeman PFR2190 guide of all its features, pros and cons in detail.


Features of Freeman PFR2190

button 3Product Dimensions: The Freeman nailer has got a great look with dimensions of 20 x 6.5 x 14.2 inches and weight of approximately 14.5 pounds.

button 3Operating Condition: It is an air powered nail gun and works at the pressure of 60-115 psi.

button 3Magnesium Body: It has anodized aluminum cylinder and magazine along with lightweight magnesium body, which gives it a beautiful look and sturdy design.

button 3Interchangeable Triggers for Different Kind of Firing: The Freeman PFR2190 also has interchangeable triggers for single or contact firing. The triggers can be changed as per the need of the user.

button 3Type of Nails: It shoots 21-degree full-headed nails ranging in size from 2 to 3-1/2 inches. Its magazine can hold up to 55 nails.

button 3360 Degree Exhaust: It is equipped with 360 degrees adjustable air vent, air filter and anti-dust cap to prevent the air contamination in the air supply.

button 3Casing: A plastic case is provided along with it for the easy and safe storage of the nail gun.

button 37-year Limited Warranty: It is backed by 7 year limited warranty by Freeman.



button-2Beautiful Nailing at Affordable Price: The nailer is an affordable nail gun which can compete with all the big names in the market. It is perfect for those first working with a nail gun or looking for a nail gun for small projects.

button-2Option of different kinds of firing: Many people prefer single firing most times, while some prefer the sequential firing to save time. This nail gun is equipped with both bump and single firing, making it suitable for all the users.

button-2Durable: With its anodized aluminum magazine and cylinder and magnesium body, the framing nailer has the capability to go on for years without much wear and tear.

button-2360 Degree Exhaust: The 360 degree exhaust vent ensures that there are moisture spots on the wood. An air filter and air cap is also provided to protect the air inside the equipment from foreign materials.

button-2Precision and Accuracy: The Freeman PFR2190 can fire the nails with precision and accuracy and I did not find any instance of jam or misfiring in the gun.

button-2Case: A case is not necessary for the performance of the gun, but its presence ensures the safe storage when the nail gun is not in use.



button 1Does not fire the last few nails: The gun does not fire the last three-four nails. It stops when only a few nails are left in the magazine. The firing again starts when more nails are added to the magazine. Although not an unsurmountable obstacle, this can take some time getting used to.

button 1Interchangeability Switch: Unlike many latest framing nailers, the change from single to bump firing requires the hanging switch to be changed. Again even though the process is not difficult, it is time consuming.

button 1Heavy Weight: There is no doubt that the framing nailer is lighter than the old model guns, still at 14.5 pounds it is a bit heavier for longer use.


In short, Freeman PFR2190 might not be the best model available in the market, but it is perfect for beginners and professional who need to use best framing nailer for shorter durations of time and it won’t even burn a hole in the pocket because of its affordable price. If you like to see the price -> Click Here!

Review BOSTITCH F33PT 33-Degree Paper Tape Framing Nailer


Bostitch F33PT review

The Bostitch F33PT framing nailer is a 33-degree paper tape framer that can be easily converted into a metal connector nailer in seconds. This capability is rooted in its interchangeable tip.

Bostitch is a global manufacturer of nailers, compressors and accessories used in construction, industrial and office application.

The f33pt nail gun is amongst the most potent framers of its kind.

This Bostitch framing nailer review hopes to look into the features and specifications of the Bostitch F33PT whilst analyzing its good and bad aspects before concluding with a short statement of our thoughts on the framing nailer.

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Features of the Bostitch F33PT

button 3Seven-Year Warranty: The F33PT comes with an amazing warranty lasting for seven years.

button 3Two in One Nailer: The Bostitch F33PT comes with two nosepieces that are interchangeable making it possible to switch from paper tape framing to a metal connection.

button 3Push Button Adjustable Depth Guide: This patented button is designed to select the desired depths for nails makes it easy for the user to select the preferred depth drive for precision and ease of use.

button 3Durability: The Bostitch nails is made from lightweight magnesium that makes the appliance highly durable. This is further bolstered by guaranteed protection should the nailer breakdown prior to the expiry of the warranty 7 years after the initial purchase.

button 3Extraordinary Driving Power: Irrespective of how tough the lumber application is, be confident that with the framing nailer’s driving speed of 1050 in/ibs, nothing could be beyond your framing nailer.

button 3Measuring Tool: It comes with an indicator measuring 16 inches used to determine the exact distance between studs within seconds. This does away with the need for a measuring tape.

button 3Size & Weight: This framing nailer measures approximately 23 x 16 x 6 inches. This nailer weighs about 8.8 pounds.

button 3Rating and Capacities: The framing nailer is a stationary nailer and is air powered.

button 3Accessories: This framing nails came with interchangeable nosepieces to alternate nailer from paper nailer to metal nailer.



button-2Very versatile tool, for various applications. This framing nailer is capable of being used in various ways and adaptable to the needs of the end user.

button-2Excellent Driving power. With exceptional driving speeds of up to 1050 in/ibs, you can be guaranteed that the toughest of all your activities are within the limits of your nailer.

button-2Capable of interchanging from paper tape framing nailer to metal connector nailer in seconds.



button 1Frequent jams. The framing nailer is known to have frequent jams affecting its productivity and effectiveness.

button 133-degree nails are generally a bit harder to find. This is because nailers are typically within 20-22 degrees.

button 1Quite heavy for mates of its category. Compared to its competition this framing nailer is quite heavy, making it difficult to be moved to and from the job site.



The BOSTITCH F33PT framing nailer is one whose versatility and durability cannot be over emphasized. It is built to serve its multipurpose applications inclusive of installing of metal connector, framing, fixing of timber to masonry.

This framing nailer also possesses longevity. The framing nailer comes with guaranteed protection for 7 years.

However, the rarity of its 33-degree nails and its slightly heavyweight and its likelihood of jamming frequently raises slight issues.

Hence, I would gladly give the nailer a 4 out of a total score of 5. Aside from minor negatives, the Bostitch F33PT is definitely a good buy.

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Review Freeman P4FRFNCB Framing/Finishing Combo Kit

freeman p4frfncb review

The Freeman P4FRFNCB kit is basically anything any contractor would need to get any job done from begging till the end.

It has 4 different tools which can take care of any job around the house, inside or out.




The Freeman kit contains the following tools:

• 1 Full Head Framing Nailer.

• 1 Angle Finish Nailer.

• 1 Brad Nailer with Quick Release.

• 1 Narrow Crown Stapler with Quick Release.

• Additional maintenance tools, oil, and wrenches.

• Canvas bag for easy transport.

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Features of Freeman P4FRFNCB

button 3Weight and Size: The entire Freeman P4FRFNCB pack, meaning the bag measures 23 x 9.4 x 14.8 in, aAnd weighs 25.4 lb. It totals, tools included. This makes for very easy carrying even if traveling by foot between different sites or such.

button 3Warranty: The P4FRFNCB comes with an overall warranty of 7 years which translates to high quality.

button 3Magazine: The magazine of the framing nailer can hold up to 55 nails while the magazine of three other tools can hold up to 100 nails. This, in turn, means fewer stops to reload and higher efficiency, especially when going through faster work.

button 3Build: The magazines and cylinders of the tools are made from anodized aluminum which ensures high durability and lighter weight than other materials. The tools are fitted with Teflon made O-rings which in time means less wear.

button 3Jamming: The stapler, brad nailer and finish nailer are fitted with quick release mechanisms which minimize downtime in case of any nails getting jammed.



button-2Full kit: The first great thing about the Freeman P4FRFNCB is that it is actually a complete kit which can definitely help DIYers to take care of any project from start to finish. Also, the price is just a bit higher than for a single other manufacturer tool and makes the kit even more worth it.

button-234 degree finish nailer: The finish nailer has a standard angle of 34 degrees. That means that you can get it all those tight spots and it works like a charm. Since this is a high precision nailer this kind of angle makes work really easy.

button-2Power Framer: The framer is very powerful and can drive all sorts of nails and stakes in all kinds of wood with minimum damage to the surface. This tool use compresses air at about 120 psi while the others use only about 70 psi.

button-2Versatility: Since it’s a complete kit the Freeman nailer offers great versatility from a project point of view. However the tools individually can be adjusted very easy and work on different types of wood and with different types of nails.



button 1Finish nailer rubber tip: One of the not so great things is that the finish nailer comes with a black rubber tip. This would be a great idea as not to hurt the wood, however, it can leave marks which is undesirable. The tip can be covered easily.

button 1Depth dialer: Although a depth dial exists for easy control of the depth it is not very sensitive so getting a precision setting might be a little hard.

button 1Misfire: There have been known cases of misfire although I didn’t get one. However, in this case, the nails need to be re-arranged a little, and it’s back to work.


Overall the Freeman P4FRFNCB is a great addition to any arsenal, especially for DIY people who want an easy to use and complete solution for any type of work around the house.

The kit is not aimed at professional contractor although it can be used by them as well. The Freeman P4FRFNCB comes with a standard 7 years warranty which says a lot about the quality the manufacturer provides.

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Review Paslode 501000 F-350S PowerMaster Plus Pneumatic Framing Nailer


The Paslode 501000 F-350S is one of the lightest and the most sought after pneumatic nail gun in the market.

It is capable of driving the nails through engineered lumbers as well, making it a good option for framing and sheathing fence to the building.

Here is the Paslode 501000 F-350S Powermaster plus pneumatic framing nailer review of all its features, pros, and cons in detail.

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Features of Paslode 501000 F-350S

button 3Product Dimensions: The Paslode nailer measures 5.5 x 20.5 x 18.8 inches and weighs around 8.4 pounds. It’s light weight has made it a favorite of many users.

button 3Sequential or Manual Operation: The framing nailer comes with the option of going for both sequential and manual operation, making the job of the user quite easier.

button 3The Depth of Drive Adjustment On the Tool: It comes with on tool depth of drive adjustment dial, which makes adjusting the depth a breeze.

button 3Designed for All Weather Use: The anti-skid rubber grip ensures easy and comfortable hold, and the steel guard provides the sturdy design.

button 3Sequential and Bump Firing: It is easy to switch between the single and sequential firing depending on the need of the user.

button 3Type of Nails: It can drive 2 to 3-1/2 30-degree clipped and full-head paper tape nails .113 .131 diameters in engineered lumber. Its magazine can hold up to two strips of 84 nails.

button 3Rafter: A rafter is provided along with the framing nailer to hang the gun during breaks.

button 3Warranty: The nailer comes with a 90-day limited warranty on wear parts, a six-month limited warranty on magazine parts, and a one-year limited warranty on housing and cap parts.

 paslode-501000-f-350s reviews


button-2Powerful yet lightweight: It is a powerful framing nailer which is quite light in weight. It is also easily maneuverable for the hard to nail areas.

button-2Two type of trigger assemblies: It allows quick transition between both single and sequential firing that saves the user from hassle.

button-2Very low recoil: It is designed in a way that center of gravity is close to the trigger. This provides for a low recoil and balanced usage.

button-2Ease of Depth Change: Depth of the drive can be adjusted using the dial provided depending on the tool itself. There is no need to change the compressor pressure for the depth change.

button-2Easy to load magazine: It not only holds two strips of 84 nails but it is quite simple to load the nails in the magazine. The whole process is less cumbersome as compared to the other models in the market.

button-2Precision without jam: The Paslode works well without any misfire or jams.


button-2Easily reach tight spaces: With its 30-degree nails and compact size, it is suitable for even nailing of tight spots.

button-2Rafter hook: It comes with a rafter hook which the life of the user simple by allowing them to hang the nail gun anywhere between the breaks.



button 1Depth Setting takes too much time, and adjustments: Although the dial provided for depth adjustment is a plus, it takes too much of time to fine-tune it for the perfect depth. This is a long process which calls for a lot of patience on user’s part.

button 1paslode 501000 f-350sMinimum eight nails required in the magazine: Not a disadvantage as such, but the Paslode 501000 needs at least eight nails to work. So, if there are only a few nails left in the magazine, it needs a refill of nails to work properly. It is not a big deal but then can take some getting used to.


Paslode 501000 F-350S is a perfect choice for professionals who need to work with nails for long durations. It is weather resistant and can be used for almost everything like framing, wall sheathing, floor decking, roof sheathing and blocking sub-assemblies.

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